Trust creates better products.

Make your employees work together as a high-performing team by using applied improvisation techniques.

Improv theatre involves people working together to create something new that inspires them and others. Improv is based on principles which strengthen positive behaviours and overcome negative mental blocks, thereby contributing to the development of an “agile” mind set. [read more]

Claudia Hoppe

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Business Training Sessions

Teamwork, Cooperation & Trust

Teamwork, Kooperation & Vertrauen

Agile both mentally & in your team

Agil im Kopf und im Team

Communication Training


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Claudia Hoppe - Sprecherin

About Me

Bees or ants?
Would you prefer your staff to be more like bees, or ants? Although ants are industrious and do what they’re told, bees produce honey…

I’m certified trainer, coach and actress. After finishing my studies in philosophy and sociology, I’ve been working as a project manager in the IT industry for more than ten years. In 2016, I started my own business. Since 2009 I’ve been performing improv theatre on stages in Germany and internationally.

It is my vision to support people in acting more freely and on their own authority, while being more in touch with themselves and being more empathetic towards others.

My goal is to strengthen cooperation and teamwork between people, and to put the focus on the product, i.e. shared work and collective issues.

My Background

During my career as a project manager at various IT companies spanning over ten years, there were certain situations and behaviours which I encountered again and again which slowed down product development and at worst, stopped it completely.

This hampers agility. The agile development process was conceived in order to create software products quickly and easily, with as little loss due to “friction” as possible. Unfortunately, certain processes tend to interfere with the very idea of speed and agility. This is where applied improvisation comes in – the ideal “lubricant” to minimise this friction loss.

Coming workshops

Monday morning improv drop-in (in German)
Jeden 2. Montag im Monat im Meeet Wilmersdorf mit gute Laune in die Woche starten! Jeweils von 9:30 – 11:30 Uhr.
Next event: 29th August 2016.

English improv drop-in in X-Berg
This is a just-for-fun open improv drop in in English! For three hours, we’re going to dive into the basic principles of improv theatre, get to know each other and play some fun improv games.
30th August 2016, 19:00h

Beginners improv class (in German)
10 Dienstage ab 13. September 2016
Fliegendes Theater, Kreuzberg

Advanced players improv class (in German)
10 Montage ab 12. September 2016
Fliegendes Theater, Kreuzberg