Podcast Nr. 23 – Tim Orr from San Francisco about “The Naked Stage”

I am so happy to announce the great Tim Orr from San Francisco as my first interview partner in 2015! Just as Lisa Rowland, Tim is playing at BATS (Bay Area Theatre Sports) Improv in San Francisco, and will be in Berlin for a while after visiting the Amsterdam improv festival. My group, the Improbanden, together with Theater ohne Probe, has the great pleasure to have a workshop with Tim for his format “The Naked Stage”. Just before the first training, I have recorded this interview with Tim – and what should I say, he’s right: You really have to experience what the means by “Try to play people who are nice to each other and avoid conflict”, to understand it (at least for me it’s like that). It slows down your play drastically and makes you feel relaxed on stage and, at the same time, completely in the moment. It’s really awesome, I can hardly recommend trying this to anybody. What else Tim has to talk about, you can hear in the following interview.

Don’t be surprised, the interview starts in German and then switches to English after a couple of seconds.

Download MP3 (57 MB)

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