Podcast Nr. 47 – Andrés Atala-Quezada über Impro-Musik

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Podcast No. 45 – Jill Bernard on Impro

With 17 minutes, this is my shortest podcast episode so far. Just like the interview with Matthieu, I recorded it two weeks ago in Lyon. This time, I’m talkting to Jill Bernard from the USA, who was visiting France to teach workshops and perform at the Improvidence Festival. Since our time slot was really, really short, we roughly managed to talk about Jills bio, her theatre in Minnesota and her main message in regards to impro. I wish you lots of fun listening to this entertaining and energizing interview!!

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Podcast No. 44 – Matthieu Loos about the concepts “Slow” & “The Matter Work”

During my stay in Lyon in France last week for the Improvidence Festival, I also had the great opportunity to talk to Matthieu Loos in his flat in Croix-Rousse. I know Matthieu and his concept “The Matter Work” from a workshop I took with him and Marko Mayerl back in 2012. In addition to that, I’ve seen him a couple of times on stage, e.g. twice together with Lee White in their show “No Exit” (which was awesome each time). Here in Berlin, Matthieu has recently directed the show “Walls” in scope of the Our live project at the Gorillas Impro-Festival. Furthermore, Matthieu is a book author and actor in France. Continue reading

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