Podcast No. 38 – Patti Stiles about her workshop ‘Scenes that matter’ and her approach to impro

I spend the previous weekend in Hamburg where I joined a workshop from Patti Stiles, organized by the Steife Brise (in whose office the recording of the interview took place, too). Of course I had to use this opportunity and recorded an interview with Patti directly after the workshop, in which we are talking about her workshop, her approach to impro and of course her biography. Patti is native Canadian and is living in Australia since 2001, where she’s performing with her group Impro Melbourne. Why it’s called “Impro” and not “Improv” is one of the many things that Patti talks about in this interview – and she gives many more insights in her approach towards impro theatre and into the work of Keith Johnstone, in whose tradition she’s working. Enjoy!

Apart from the intro, the interview is in English.

Download MP3 (67 MB)

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