Podcast No. 46 – Lee White about Improv and about himself

I am super-duper-really happy to finally talk to one of my big idols and inspirations in the area of improv in my Impro Podcast: Lee White, who, at least by the sound of it, doesn’t like to be labelled “world famous” 🙂 And I’m even more happy about how much time Lee took to answer all the questions that I’ve been longing to ask him for so long. The result is an episode of my interview with a length of 1,5 hours (!) in which Lee talks about his background and bio, his approach to improv and of course, “the church of improv” (a term tht he once used in one of his workshops I visited). Don’t miss it! And, I think I never had so many references to my own podcast interviews in the “relevant links” section in any of my other podcasts. Have fun listening and I’m looking forward to your feedback! Note to English speakers: The first couple of sentences in this interview are still in German, then we quickly switch to English.

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Relevant links:

Winnipeg in Canada (on Wikipedia)
Keith Johnstone (on Wikipedia)
Keith Johnstones Buch “Impro” (in German: Improvisation und Theater) at the Alexander Verlag
Robert Slade (Homepage)
Higher than the ground Improv (Winnipeg) – at least what I could find about it…
Atomic Improv
Rapid Fire Theatre
Randy Dixon (Interview in my Podcast)
Unexpected Productions, Seattle (Randy Dixon’s Theatre)
Kolektiv Narobov (Impro Group from Maja Dekleva from Ljubljana)
Theater im Bahnhof (Graz)
The Crumbs
Stephen Sim
Inbal Lori (Interview in my Podcast)
Inbal Lori (Homepage)
The Lorilees (on the website of the Ratibor Theater)
Matthieu Loos (Interview)
Marko Mayerl (on the website of the Improvidence Impro School)
Joe Bill (IRC Improv Wiki)
Comedy Café Berlin
Good Luck, Barbara!
Instant Theater Vancouver
Rio Theatre Vancouver
Ratibor Theater
Impro Embassy
Die Gorillas, Berlin
15 Minutes of Fame Show (on the webseite of the Ratibor Theater)
Deniz Döhler (Interview in my Podcast)
Auja! Projekt (Homepage) from Deniz Döhler
Del Close (on Wikipedia)
Jill Bernard (Interview in my Podcast)
Book: The aerodynamics of Yes by Christian Capozzoli
Michael Wolf (Interview in my Podcast)
“Friends” TV series (on IMDB)
“Full House” TV series (on IMDB)
Celine Dion
Applied Improvisation Network
Richard Jeni (on Wikipedia)
Lee White FB page
Falafel Place near Leinestraße (on Google Maps)
Lee White (on the Gorillas website)
Fringe Festival Winnipeg

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