Communication Training Sessions

“You cannot not communicate.” These were the words of Paul Watzlawick, one of the most influential communication scientists and psychologists of our time. But not everyone is always aware of this, and this is one of the main reasons why misunderstandings between people arise, be it in the work sphere or in their private lives.

My goal is to unravel this tangle of information and overt and covert messages, and to support people in attaining a clearer attitude towards themselves and others, and this is what I hope to achieve with you in my communication workshops.

I use a variety of methods to achieve this, such as non-violent communication, NLP, transactional analysis, and also other models from communication psychology like the “four-ears-model” originating from German communication psychologist Friedemann Schulz von Thun.

Empathy is, after all, closely linked to the ability to communicate adequately, which is why empathy and care are central learning objectives in my workshops.

I’d be more than happy to create a workshop tailored to your individual needs and the needs of your team. What is important to me is that my training sessions add value both to your company and to each individual employee. This is why I develop every concept in cooperation with you to ensure you are satisfied. Get in touch with me for a free preliminary talk and initial offer.