Customer Service Training Sessions

I’ll bring your customer service back up to speed!

Staff members who work in customer support, who have to deal with people on a daily basis, need an extraordinarily high level of communication skills. It’s about meeting the consumer in the middle to reach a solution, working with them rather than against them, and keeping in mind that the vast majority of consumers have positive intentions, but also being able to recognise and respond accordingly to the few people who don’t.

This saves your employees time and energy, and leads to a better mood and higher customer satisfaction. Because customer support is ultimately the main point of contact between a company and its consumers, and therefore determines their opinion of the company in terms of communication.

I have more than ten years of experience as a project manager in the customer support field, have given multiple training sessions myself and answered numerous consumer inquiries and customer complaints.

I’d be more than happy to create a workshop tailored to your individual needs and the needs of your team. What is important to me is that my training sessions add value both to your company and to each individual employee. This is why I develop every concept in cooperation with you to ensure you are satisfied. Get in touch with me for a free preliminary talk and initial offer.