About Me

I am an enthusiastic trainer in the areas of communication, teamwork, spontaneity, demeanour and presence. My tools are the tools used in improvisational theatre, but also other methods (e.g. from transactional analysis or NLP.)

Improv theatre is my greatest passion. Since completing my first improv workshop in January 2009, I’ve been hooked. In 2011, a friend and I founded the Berlin-based improv group “die Improbanden“, with whom I’ve been playing and performing on a regular basis ever since. As of 2013, I’ve been teaching the art of improvisation to curious beginners and advanced trainees. You can find my latest courses here.

It is my vision to support people in acting more freely and on their own authority, while being more in touch with themselves and being more empathetic towards others.

For me, applied improvisation is the way of achieving this, and is therefore my philosophy on life.

I believe that every human being can shine. My aim is to raise and nurture this potential in others.

Claudia Hoppe - Improtrainerin