Agile both mentally & in your team

More and more companies in the IT industry, as well as other industries, are using agile development methods. They offer the advantage of being able to react quickly, straightforwardly and flexibly to change requests from customers and to market requirements. But this way of working also demands certain skills from employees and leaders, which are not inherent in everybody. The good news is that these skills can be learned and trained. And there is no better tool to achieve this than applied improvisation!

MinManComputer_largeI offer you and your team the possibility to discover and develop behaviours which foster effective communication, collaboration, inspiration, recognition and enhancement of other people’s ideas as well as continuous learning.

My work is based on principles which strengthen positive behaviours and overcome negative mental blocks, thereby contributing to the development of an “agile” mind set. Participants learn the methods of applied improvisation in a playful way, and you’ll realise quickly how these basic attitudes can have a positive effect on work life.

My workshops are inspiring, fun and will have an enduring positive effect on your life.

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