Teamwork, Cooperation & Trust

Improve efficiency and cooperation within your team. Foster your team members’ ability to solve conflicts, for mutual consent and better support. Create a work climate in which mistakes are not considered a problem, but as an opportunity or even inspiration

To prevent smaller team conflicts and discrepancies from interfering with cooperation, the ability to give in to colleagues or to support them is a fundamental skill, despite differences in opinion

The key focus in improvisation is on reacting to unexpected events. These mostly come from the outside, from other people, e.g. from colleagues. Whenever we insist too strongly on our own ideas, conflicts arise. But this doesn’t have to be the case, because the unexpected can be enriching, an opportunity that we haven’t encountered before – it is about the attitude that we have when facing the unexpected.

The workshop “Teamwork, Cooperation & Trust” is intended as a teambuilding exercise to strengthen the team spirit – and what’s more, it’s also great fun! After the training session, your staff will be more open, fault-tolerant and, above all, they will cherish and trust each other.

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