I was born and raised in Berlin and completed my Abitur (German high school diploma) in 1997. I studied Philosophy and Sociology (M.A.) and have been working for more than ten years as a project manager in customer support at HERE (former Nokia, gate5) in Berlin. I’ve been a certified trainer (university certificate) since 2015.

Name Claudia Hoppe
Year of Birth 1977
Place of Birth Berlin/Deutschland
Height 1,74 m
Place of Residence Berlin
Languages German (native), English (fluent in written and spoken language), French (basic knowledge), Ancient Greek
Special Interests Hula Hoop, Modern Dance
Degrees M.A. Philosophy and Sociology (Humboldt University, Berlin, 2005)
Additional Certificates & Skills “Train the Trainer” Professional Certification (University of Kiel, September 2016)

NLP Practitioner (Landsiedel Institute Hamburg, 2016)

“Train the Trainer” Certification (Osterberg-Institute, 2015)

Non-Violent Communication Acc. Marshall Rosenberg (Forum “Gewaltfreie Kommunikation Berlin”)

Project Management (several years of practical experience as well as various on-the-job training)

Scrum (Bor!s Gloger Training; several years practical, on-the-job experience)

Leading and Hosting Meetings (several years of on-the-job experience)

Effective Communication Skills (on-the-job training)

Working and Leading in Virtual Teams (on-the-job training as well as several years of practical experience as project manager of a virtual team)

Since 2009: Private acting & singing lessons

Manifold classes, workshops and seminars in improvisational theatre (see “my trainers and idols”)

Founder of Berlin-based improv group “Improbanden”

Played, hosted and coached more than 200 improv shows and performances

Conferences AIN Konferenz in Berlin 2013
Applied Improv AIN Conference in Berlin, 2013

Applied Improv: Team event for HERE, Germany GmbH, Berlin

“Brown Bag” talk at Nokia gate5 GmbH, Berlin

Team Event for Novago GmbH, Berlin

Sitting in on “Presentation Skills” workshop at the Berlin School of Economics and Law

Co-host at the first Thrivable World Quest event with Belina Raffy

Improv Festivals Improfest Göteborg, Sweden (Performer), 2015

Seattle Improv Festival by Unexpected Productions, US (Performer), 2013

Potsdamer Improfestival (Performer), 2012, 2014 & 2015

Impronale, Halle, Germany (Performer), 2013 & 2014