Podcast No. 15 – Interview with Randy Dixon

Today, in the wonderfully mystic atmosphere of the garden behind the Berlin Ratibor-Theater and with fantastic weather conditions, I had the pleasure to talk to improv legend Mr. Randy Dixon ! With birds twittering and bells ringing in the background, we were talking about the IMPRO 2014, about Randy and of course – about improv!

For me, it was a premiere in two ways: for once, it was the first interview that I did in English (for English speakers: Don’t be puzzled, the intro is actually in German 🙂 ), for the other it was the first time that I did the recording outside of my small home studio.

Have fun listening!

Download MP3 (39 MB)

Relevant links:
Unexpected Productions
Randy Dixon’s web page
IMPRO 2014

Gum Wall, Market Theatre, Seattle

Gum Wall, Market Theatre, Seattle

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