Business Training Sessions

Teamwork, Cooperation & Trust

Improve efficiency and cooperation within your team. Foster your team members’ ability to solve conflicts, for mutual consent and better support. Create a work climate in which mistakes are not considered a problem, but as an opportunity or even inspiration!
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Agile both mentally & in your team

Support your staff in getting rid of their fear of change and becoming more open to innovation.

To prevent smaller team conflicts and discrepancies from interfering with cooperation, the ability to give in to colleagues or to support them is a fundamental skill, despite differences in opinion.
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Communication Training Sessions

“You cannot not communicate.” These were the words of Paul Watzlawick, one of the most influential communication scientists and psychologists of our time. But not everyone is always aware of this, and this is one of the main reasons why misunderstandings between people arise, be it in the work sphere or in their private lives.
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You want to bring you customer service up to speed again? Thanks to over ten years of on-the-job experience as a project manager in the customer service area, I’m happy to help you out here.

Besides business training sessions I also offer individual coaching or will act as moderator at your event.